Known for his friendly and charming persona, Harnarayan Singh is a well-respected broadcaster, musician, and community leader, whose passions have taken him to levels where he has become a recognizable face across the country.  His broadcasting career began at a very young age, imitating sports announcers and public speakers as well as being the master of ceremonies for his own sports and music awards shows.  His dreams soon turned into reality joining the Q13 radio station in Brooks, Alberta, Canada, his childhood hometown.  Harnarayan completed his Broadcast Journalism education from Mount Royal University’s Centre for Communication Studies in Calgary, while also serving as a reporter for CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). In 2004, Harnarayan was chosen as one of eight broadcasting students from thousands across Canada to work for TSN (The Sports Network) based in Toronto where he worked on the popular sports highlights show, 'Sportscentre'. In the summer of 2007, while working for the CBC, Harnarayan exposed a news story about Citizenship & Immigration Canada regarding a ban on certain east-Indian last names, which received worldwide attention and changed federal government policy.

Harnarayan anchored OMNI TV’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympic Games while also providing Play-by-Play for Track and Field and Wrestling events. He covered the 2014 Sochi Winter Games for Red-FM, Canada’s largest South-Asian radio network.

Most people know Harnarayan as the Host and Play-by-Play commentator for Rogers Hockey Night in Canada in Punjabi, a show that he has been a part of for over 500 NHL games during 9 seasons, without missing a single match!  He was also the anchor for CBC Calgary’s TV Sports coverage for the two NHL seasons along with hosting weekly behind the scenes features for the Calgary Flames website. Harnarayan spends time giving back to the community by speaking through motivational lectures to students across Canada, as well as performing east-Indian instruments, the Tabla and Harmonium.